How to integrate ACF and Google Maps API

By Clifton @ WPCliffsNotes

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In this video I will walk you through how to integrate google maps in a WordPress website and customize it with Advanced Custom Fields. This tutorial is great if you are wanting to customize the look and feel of your google map. It walks you through how to add custom colors, a zoom in/out, etc.

Table of Contents

Setting up Custom Fields
0:47 ➜ Explain what we are creating
1:15 ➜ Google Map API snippet from ACF Website or Awesome ACF
1:50 ➜ Get a Google API Key
2:25 ➜ ACF Documentation
3:00 ➜ Creating Field Group and Custom Fields
4:34 ➜ Create WP page template  – Documentation
12:30 ➜ – Google Map

Starting to Code Map and Custom Fields
13:44 ➜ Map Array
16:00 ➜ Copy HTML from Codyhouse Project files
18:20 ➜ Copy CSS from Codyhouse Project files
16:00 ➜ Copy HTML from Codyhouse Project files
20:13 ➜ Copy Javascript from Codyhouse Project files
22:20 ➜ Add ACF Fields to Javascript

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