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By Clifton @ WPCliffsNotes

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In today’s WPCliffsNotes video I am going to walk you step by step through how to create custom Elementor widgets. This is a class I taught at a meetup for the Greenville SC WordPress Meetup. Here are the Google Slides.

Google Slides: http://wpcliffsnotes.us/meetup-slides-092619

In the video, I use a plugin called Unlimited Elements. It is a quick and simple way to create any type of Elementor widget you can imagine. We will be developing 2 or 3 different widgets that you will be able to use in all your projects.

See the Pen Hover Icon Box by Clifton T Canady (@cliftonc0613) on CodePen.

See the Pen Picture Animation by Clifton T Canady (@cliftonc0613) on CodePen.

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In this class we will discuss the Elementor Page Builder and how it has taken over the page builder world. We will continue to discuss how to build a page and a full website with Elementor. As we dig deeper into Elementor I will introduce a  plugin called Unlimited Elements for Elementor. Will will build elements/modules and with these modules I will show you how to customize a website to be anything you or your client can dream up. 


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